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bandBioCTS – Called To Serve

Fueled by a passion to celebrate the freedom we all enjoy and to motivate America’s youth through music, Jeff Senour formed the award winning-rock band, CTS, (Called To Serve) in 2001. From radio charts to letters from Presidents, CTS has received prestigious National acclaim for their musical contributions.  The edgy rock of CTS and Singer/Songwriter Jeff Senour with huge guitar rifts and powerful lyrics are what fuel the bands on stage live and recorded music.

CTS performances have appeared on television and multiple DVDs, including the 2016 release of  “Searching For Home” a documentary about Soldiers returning from war,  “Run For The Wall”, a tribute honoring the commitment of our military veterans and Snowball Express a Veteran’s charity for Military families who have lost a loved one while serving our Nation.  CTS has performed on numerous stages, festivals, charities and family events all over America.   CTS is committed to inspiring our Youth to live their dreams and do great things in life and also honor our Nation’s Heroes through their music.

In 2009,  Jeff created a new era for CTS with the introduction of the “Freedom Rock Experience.” Remembering his inspiration for the idea, Jeff said, “I wanted to do something unique and touch   lives in a positive way through our music. I was attending my daughter’s orchestra recital when I thought of integrating high school or college orchestras into a rock concert experience with CTS.  My ultimate goal is to inspire students and our audiences to pursue their dreams, use their gifts for good and honoring our country.”

Ever since it’s inception, rock band CTS- Called To Serve, has made a huge impact on many around the country with their edgy rock sound combined with lyrics that touch the heart with inspiration. Fueled with a passion for music since childhood, singer/songwriter Jeff Senour formed CTS to inspire people of all ages to live their dreams and honor our real American Heroes. Ever since it’s inception, Jeff’s mission for the band was to pass along a message of the American dream through music. The band’s dedication to our Military, Police, Firefighters and First Responders has placed their music in numerous festivals, Military events, fundraisers and charities across the nation. Jeff’s vigor for life carries over as well to his career at Southwest Airlines as a Captain. He enjoys the culture of Southwest and on each flight he has flown thousands of passengers, over millions of miles and does his best to not only be safe but leave the customers with some fun and inspiration. You can catch Jeff many times actually performing with his custom guitar, a gift from Gary Kelly, to the passengers before each flight.

The musical journey of CTS has garnered the band numerous awards from album of the year and video of the year with several music organizations, the Founders Award with Military Writer’s Society and most recently the President’s Award with Southwest Airlines. “Can’t Get Off This Train” hit the National radio charts at #42 in 2008 and has had other radio play along the way as well. The powerhouse sound of CTS consists of Jeff Senour, Dylan Elliott, Joe McGinnity and Jerry Nuzum all world class musicians on their own, have joined together to create the high octane sound of CTS.

The band has performed all over the country in various venues and opened for numerous National Artists. CTS performs in cities around America, it’s one of a kind show called “Freedom Rock Experience”. The concert is a multi media rock show, placing high school or college orchestras on stage for a high energy performance with up to 250 students rocking the stage with CTS. Honoring the real American Hero from Military, Police, Firefighters and Teachers, the show is designed to inspire our youth of today, to live their dreams. Jeff’s passion for making dreams become realities is evident in his life besides as a musician.


JEFF SENOUR – CTS Founder / Songwriter / Lead Vocals / Guitar

Jeff Senour, born in Portland, Oregon and mostly raised in Southern California.  His Dad who served in the Air Force and was an Electrical Engineer, flew private airplanes and his Mom was a Violinist.  Jeff was taught from an early age that if you believe in yourself an have a dream you can make it come true.  Jeff at a young age performed in rock bands through High School and College.  He continued his music passion even while pursuing an Aviation career.  Hence the dawn of CTS in early 2001.  Driven by a passion to touch people of all ages through some great rock music, Jeff wrote non stop songs and recorded several albums.  “No Turning Back” won best album of the year with Military Writer’s Society and recently, “Way Back Home” just released in a Movie Documentary called “Searching For Home” about our Soldiers returning home after Military service, and the prestigious President’s Award from Southwest Airlines.

Jeff has also been a professional pilot at Southwest Airlines for 24 years and a Hollywood Screen Actors Guild movie Pilot for 15 years prior to that.   His previous Aviation experience involved his skills as a Screen Actors Guild aerial coordinator and film pilot with movie credits in such Hollywood blockbusters as “True Lies”, “Executive Decision”, “Hot Shots”, “Space Cowboys”, “Silence Of The Lambs” along with hundreds of Military photo chase missions including the Blue Angels, Canadian Snowbirds and USAF Thunderbirds.  Jeff flew a specially equipped Learjet with the Academy Award winning Nettmann Vectorivision system for 15 years, capturing some of the most stunning aerial photo shots enjoyed by many in movies and Military research and development.  As a Civilian pilot, Jeff had the privilege  to flying as aerial pilot next to almost every Military jet in the inventory to capture some of the most stunning shots in the world. He also became a helicopter pilot and flew for Channel 9 News in Los Angeles for many years.  Jeff says the music of CTS is the melodic story of his life and that we can all achieve great things in life if we try and believe in ourselves. To date Jeff has logged over 25,000 hours in the air and has fueled the inspiration of the music he writes.  That’s a lot of hours in the sky to write music.




Joe found himself holding drumsticks in an ensemble on the very first day, before he knew rudiment one. Ensemble play has always been the center of his craft. His extensive experience includes genres such as rock, punk, jazz, gospel, theatre, drum corps, and orchestra. During his educational music years, Joe won many awards for both solo and ensemble performance, demonstrating powerful chops, keen understanding, disciplined execution, deference to the group, calmness under pressure and most of all, love for the audience.

Joe has shared the stage with a few professional artists who have profoundly influenced his life. These artists include Granville Cleveland, Jr. (Circle of Soul, The Clan); Don Wallace (Bee Bee and Cee Cee Winans); Bob Kauflin (Sovereign Grace Ministries). Joe’s influences include drummers from Buddy Rich to John Bonham. Neil Pert, Joey Kramer, Ian Paice, Phil Ehart, Barrymore Barlow, and even Ringo Starr also had an impact.



JERRY NUZUM – Bass/Vocals

Jerry is a K-6 music teacher in the east valley. He started guitar when he was eight and now plays keyboards, bass, drums, harmonica and several other instruments. He wrote commercials and jingles and produced radio shows for Clear Channel Radio.

He now writes and records music on a regular basis. He has opened for Shelly West and David Clayton Thomas of Blood, Sweat and Tears. Since moving to the valley he has played guitar, keyboards, and harmonica with bands at several east, and south valley clubs.

Check out Jerry’s sounds on SoundCloud:



DYLAN ELLIOTT – Guitar/Vocals

Dylan Elliott got his first guitar at six years old and the passion was born. Having many opportunities to grow and experience in music, Dylan has performed on many stages. He started playing in bands when he was 13 years old and enjoys playing many different styles of music from Jazz to Rock and everything in between.

Dylan continued on to lead and direct a student worship band for four years and currently plays at Central Christian Church full-time on the weekends. He is the lead guitar player for the student worship band at Grand Canyon University, where he is a full-time student majoring in Business.

Dylan has had the opportunity to open for bands such as Switchfoot and Phil Wickham and continues to cultivate his talent by playing and composing in a recording studio. Always open to conversing about music, Dylan constantly gains new knowledge and experience in the music industry.