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How They Got Here

Jeff Senour, born in Portland, Oregon and mostly raised in Southern California with parents his Dad flew private airplanes and his Mom was a Violinist, was taught from an early age that if you believe in yourself an have a dream you can make it come true. 

Ever since it’s inception 13 years ago, rock band CTS- Called To Serve,  has made a huge impact on many around the country with their edgy rock sound combined with lyrics that touch the heart with inspiration.  Fueled with a passion for music since childhood, singer &songwriter Jeff Senour formed CTS to inspire people of all ages to live their dreams and honor our real American Heroes.  Ever since it’s inception, Jeff’s mission for the band was to pass along a message of the American dream through music.  The band’s dedication to our Military, Police, Firefighters and First Responders has placed their music in numerous festivals, Military events, fundraisers and charities across the nation.  Jeff’s vigor for life carries over as well to his career at Southwest Airlines as a Captain. He enjoys the culture of Southwest and on each flight he has flown thousands of passengers, over millions of miles and does his best to not only be safe but leave the customers with some fun and inspiration. You can catch Jeff many times actually performing with his custom guitar, a gift from Gary Kelly, to the passengers before each flight. 

The musical journey of CTS has garnered the band numerous awards from album of the year and video of the year with several music organizations, the Founders Award with Military Writer’s Society and most  recently the President’s Award with Southwest Airlines.  “Can’t Get Off This Train” hit the National radio charts at #42 in 2008 and has had other radio play along the way as well.  The powerhouse sound of CTS consists of Jeff Senour, Dylan Elliott, Joe McGinnity and Jerry Nuzum all world class musicians on their own, have joined together to create the high octane sound of CTS. 


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Jeff Senour lived several of his dreams since he was a young boy.  

Jeff wanted to fly airplanes and write and perform music.  

As a young Pilot in Southern California he flew many celebrities around and eventually joined the Screen Actors Guild as an Aerial Film Pilot working on Hollywood blockbusters.

Filming aerial sequences in hits such as "True Lies", "Executive Decision", "Silence Of The Lambs" and many more.  

Jeff traveled the world as an Aerial Director which gave him the inspiration for much of his music writing.

Jeff has been a Captain for Southwest Airlines for 25 years flying thousands of people around the country.  

The sights, sounds and passengers of his Aviation journey have inspired the music of CTS.

As a Pilot by day Rocker by night he founded CTS as a Singer/Songwriter over 15 years ago.  Jeff's mission of inspiring people of all ages to live their dreams.

Though the lyrics and melodies of his original music.  Jeff's music touches people of all ages. The band has performed from the Pentagon to Pearl Harbor with their edgy  high energy rock n' roll and inspiring lyrics.

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