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Reviewed by: Lily Amanda

Life Lessons From 7 Miles High: The View That Captured My Heart is a heart-stirring book by author Jeff Senour, a seasoned pilot and musician who discovered what it takes to make a positive difference on Earth as well as leave indelible marks in the lives of the numerous people he encountered.


The flying job, as Jeff would come to know it, turned out to be a great analogy which hugely influenced his perspective on life. Along the way, he encountered difficult situations from which he learned how to cope with fear and how valuable gratitude was. His experiences as he pushed himself up in training offered him a deep understanding of what to do when things turn out unexpectedly in a world constantly filled with horrible and sometimes unforeseen events. He has so far endeavored to serve others with thankfulness every day of his life in a world that he believes largely needs individuals who can put the needs of others before their own. In this book, Jeff also reveals the other side of him—as a songwriter and member of the "Called to Serve" band. He has always been thrilled when people share with him the impact of his songs on them. This, he believes, would not be possible if he never went out of his way to show love to the world, both in word and deed.


"We’re not good at everything, but great at something." This statement in one of the chapters sets in motion in me as a reader an array of thoughts regarding the unique gift which may be residing in me, undiscovered and untapped. I also loved Jeff's exposition of what he learned when navigating various celebrities and ex-presidents to various destinations. This includes a deep craving for love and acceptance for who they are, and not for what they have. Jeff's stance on problems and trials in life is thought-provoking and inspired me to look at mine as opportunities for learning, change, and provocation to action.


Life Lessons From 7 Miles High: The View That Captured My Heart is a book which will help you stay open-minded to the magnificence this world has to present. It is an easy-to-read story which will be found delightful by lovers of touching real-life stories. In it, the author has severally highlighted God as an ever-present guide for everyone pursuing to develop a servant's heart. Its substance is solid and timely, and it will motivate readers to endeavor to reach their goals.


MESA, Ariz. – Life Lessons from 7 Miles High by Author Jeff Senour is a Christian Self-Help Book that motivates hope and love through his adventure as an aviator and a musician. He hopes to inspire his readers through his writing by witnessing the world from a different vantage point. 

In crafting his book, Senour sees flying as a metaphor for life’s journey, they are tools to help his readers grasp situations that allow them to learn and grow. In a nutshell, he claimed his book gives life lessons from seven miles high and what flying has taught him about life.  


Life Lessons from 7 Miles High contains chapters with titles from songs that Senour wrote himself, he added that important life lessons can all be learned from aviation. “It seems like in life, we want everything to be perfect and smooth and go along just right. But like life in aviation, there are thunderstorms, emergencies that pop up, and or unforeseen situations, like in life we have to handle them well. Learning to make mistakes and overcoming them makes us successful in life.” 

The book is more than just a personal memoir. It is a spiritual revelation that explores strategies to learn from your mistakes, seek greater balance, and practice mindful awareness. Throughout the ride, the author allows his readers to consider what might be fixable in life and what to let go of things you cannot change. 

This is a compact book with a big message. The author skillfully blends his fascinating career from Hollywood Stunt film Pilot, to Airline Jet and Helicopter Pilot as well as signed Artist with Universal Music Group with his deep, foundational faith to show us a life filled with service and gratitude.  


This inspiring worth turning-page book is best to share with family and friends and the new version is republished through URLink Publishing. 

“Life Lessons From 7 Miles High: The View That Captured My Heart” 

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